Simple Minimalist Bathroom Design

A comfortable home certainly makes its residents feel at home in it.

Comfort can be obtained, one of which is having a good layout or interior design, both in terms of furniture arrangement, room models, interior color selection, and others.
The interior that also needs attention is the bathroom.
Having an attractive bathroom model certainly makes us feel comfortable when doing self-cleaning activities and others.

Bathroom with Ceramic Wall Texture Soft Lines

This bathroom looks simple and elegant with a rather dark interior material selection that is gray and brown.
Black ceramic with soft lines texture the walls so it looks elegant.
The other side of the wall is fine ash while the floor is light brown.
This bathroom looks more beautiful with the selection of simple and brightly colored furniture such as white flower vases and white toilets.

Bathroom with Milo Color Domination

Neutral colors are still champions in minimalist home designs, including interior bathrooms.
This minimalist bathroom is dominated by milo colors ranging from the floor to the walls.
There are two small white cupboards attached to the wall so they look neat.
The shower is inside a small room bounded by transparent glass.

Bathroom with wooden walls and floors

You can design a bathroom with neat wooden walls.
The floor also uses wood with a matching color.
While other walls still choose black.
Window with pull-folding model looks unique, looks outside behind transparent glass

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