Minimalist Design Children’s Bedroom

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When the child has entered an age where he must sleep separately from his parents, then parents need to provide space for them to move and rest.
Children’s bedroom is a space to restore energy and mood after a day of experiencing things that are not always pleasant.
The design of a child’s bedroom is indeed easy and difficult, because each room has its own characteristics.

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A Sea Themed Bedroom

For your child who likes the sea theme, this room design can be applied.
The walls of the room are painted with ash and dongker which depict the impression of sea water and attach appropriate ornaments such as anchors, fish pictures or even photographs of small shellfish frama on the edges.
A touch of brown rugs gives the impression of a warm and shark-themed bed cover also makes it even more attractive.

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Bedroom with Grid Shelf

The bedroom with blue domination looks attractive.
The furniture selection is unique, there are box-shaped wall shelves that can be used to organize books or small items belonging to your son.
Study table facing the window makes an impression so as not to get bored.

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Bedroom with a Planted Wall Shelf

Mattress models that also summarize a small shelf on the side can be one of the furniture that you choose for boys.
Planting wall shelves also make the room look attractive.
Large windows can make a room bright with natural lighting.
Model ladder shelves to put the magazine seems to be tried.

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