Luxury Living Room Interior Design

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The living room for some people is a very important place. Because it is used to welcome guests, this one room is often regarded as the pride and pride of the host. The living room is also often used as a gathering place for family members. That is why the living room is no less important than the other functions.

Designing a luxurious and elegant living room you can easily do by looking for references. 8 examples of this design are some of them.

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Hang Tuah Design

The entire interior and exterior design of Hang Tuah’s house features an elegant classic side. No exception for the living room. The details of the walls will remind you of classic European-style houses. The colors of the walls, ceilings, and floors are dominated by white, enlivened by a red sofa with a gold list that looks luxurious. Chandeliers and all antique mirrors complete the look of this living room.

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Classical Residence

Although fitted with modern sofas, the living room in Classical Residence has not lost its classical impression. Details of walls, chandeliers, and mirrors with gold-colored carvings are the key to maintaining an old-fashioned impression in this living room. The table, which at first glance is similar to a furnace, will remind you of old European houses.

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Private Residential at Gandaria

The first thing that makes this living room seem luxurious is its high ceiling plus large, beautiful crystal chandelier. The large windows are a characteristic that you often find in ancient homes. With construction like this, no matter what type of sofa you are installing, a classic impression will still be felt in this room.

Design Minimalis For Living Rooms Ideas

Moderation. I’m not catching it’s meaning to you? Does it say white dividers, wooden floors and wide-open French windows? Does it look like square couches, solid engineering, quieted hues and designing? Moderation doesn’t need to mean picking straightforward, exhausting or cheap furnishings and extras. Essentially signifying ‘toning it down would be ideal’, moderation can help center your room around your ideal state of mind or subject. Paint it beautiful, with a line of pink love seats set upon a white floor. Make it emotional, with a striking beige and white line dividing your room in two. Discover substance in straightforwardness, with our main 40 ravishing searches for moderate front rooms and insides.

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