Luxury Living Room Interior Design

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The living room for some people is a very important place. Because it is used to welcome guests, this one room is often regarded as the pride and pride of the host. The living room is also often used as a gathering place for family members. That is why the living room is no less important than the other functions.

Designing a luxurious and elegant living room you can easily do by looking for references. 8 examples of this design are some of them.

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Hang Tuah Design

The entire interior and exterior design of Hang Tuah’s house features an elegant classic side. No exception for the living room. The details of the walls will remind you of classic European-style houses. The colors of the walls, ceilings, and floors are dominated by white, enlivened by a red sofa with a gold list that looks luxurious. Chandeliers and all antique mirrors complete the look of this living room.

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Classical Residence

Although fitted with modern sofas, the living room in Classical Residence has not lost its classical impression. Details of walls, chandeliers, and mirrors with gold-colored carvings are the key to maintaining an old-fashioned impression in this living room. The table, which at first glance is similar to a furnace, will remind you of old European houses.

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Private Residential at Gandaria

The first thing that makes this living room seem luxurious is its high ceiling plus large, beautiful crystal chandelier. The large windows are a characteristic that you often find in ancient homes. With construction like this, no matter what type of sofa you are installing, a classic impression will still be felt in this room.

Interior Design Of a Luxury Home Kitchen

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The basic concept of a Scandinavian luxury home kitchen is an eclectic design and a cool minimalist style with a strong element of warmth. A predominantly white color palette is a key element in achieving Scandinavian appearance in the kitchen of your luxury home. But what if you want to apply this look to the kitchen, the most complicated workspace in your home? Using white in the right way conjures up your room into a beautiful luxury kitchen that is brighter, brighter and more sophisticated.

In fact, if you like the classic kitchen, traditional, eclectic, retro, mid-century, to modern, you are not wrong to choose by combining designs from Northern Europe. This means your kitchen must be a functional, comfortable and pleasant space.

For those of you who want to remodel or just add a little Scandinavian touch to your luxury home kitchen, here are some principles you can consider.

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Use the same theme

In a Scandinavian-style luxury house, all spaces naturally have the same overall theme. Therefore, the kitchen also certainly has the same theme as other rooms. Likewise, the selection of colors, materials, decorations and other design aspects that have been used in all other rooms will also be used in your kitchen.

If you look at the conventional color combination of this Delution Architect’s Inset House luxury kitchen, you will know that white is used as the base paint. Other colors used to provide good contrast are black and brown from wood floors.

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Do you like the style of a mid-century house but want to add a little touch of Scandinavian style? The uniformity of the theme is also seen in the classic luxury kitchen at the Adria Yurike Architects’ Taman Cilandak house.

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Free natural light

Scandinavian luxury kitchen design utilizes as much sunlight as possible. The window is not blocked by curtains, blinds or intricate screens to allow as much natural light as possible. In addition, the space closest to the window is considered a focal point in terms of furniture placement.

However, if it is not possible to use natural light or you really prefer adding artificial lighting, having a chandelier in your kitchen is a luxury in itself. There are so many types of chandeliers available according to your kitchen style.

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Add a little touch of color

Even the smallest accent can change the overall appearance of the design. With a Scandinavian-style luxury home kitchen, you want to add some bright colors to all-white shades.

Tempatkan secara strategis berbagai pilihan objek atau bahkan bunga dan tanaman untuk menambahkan sedikit warna tanpa berlebihan.

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How do you add Scandinavian style to your luxury kitchen?

Luxury Bedroom Interior Design

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The bedroom is a very personal place for anyone. Not just as a place to sleep, a room is a space for all privacy. A lifetime, more than 200,000 hours we will spend in the bedroom. Luxurious and elegant bedrooms will help you improve the quality of rest and also the time you spend there.

A variety of master bedroom designs are created by designers to meet your needs for a break room. The following 8 designs can inspire you to create the dream bedroom interior for a better quality sleep.

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JS House

If outside the walls of your bedroom there is a pretty good panorama like a garden, the sea, or just a green fence, there is no harm in adopting the JS House bedroom concept. Conventional walls are replaced by transparent, shatterproof glass coated with curtains. At night, you simply pull the curtains and during the day the sunlight can enter the maximum. The bonus, you can wash your eyes at all the views without having to leave the room.

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DH House

Located in Argopuro, Semarang, DH House uses a charming classic luxury bedroom design. The selection of modern furniture plus a rug with ethnic style, this bedroom which is also equipped with soundproof wall coating will make your rest more soundly.

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Inset House

Inset House applies the clean and concise Scandinavian concept. With a dominant white color, this master bedroom design is perfect for those of you who like something simple, but still look modern and not cheap.

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Colorful Bedroom

Conversely, if your personality is cheerful and free, you can express it through the design of colors for the bedroom. If you are brave enough, you can crash between colors; or if you like a certain color, just use the gradations starting from the thickest to the brightest / pastel.

Minimalist Design Children’s Bedroom

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When the child has entered an age where he must sleep separately from his parents, then parents need to provide space for them to move and rest.
Children’s bedroom is a space to restore energy and mood after a day of experiencing things that are not always pleasant.
The design of a child’s bedroom is indeed easy and difficult, because each room has its own characteristics.

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Simple Minimalist Kitchen Model

The house is a primary human need.
The existence of a house becomes very important and needed because apart from being a shelter and living with family, it is also a place of refuge and peace of mind.
The house is also equipped with various spaces that have their respective functions.
Like the living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and so on.
The kitchen itself is a room whose existence is vital in a house.
As a place of activity in providing other primary needs, namely food.
Today, as the development of home models and designs, some rooms in the house are also designed and modeled with various styles as well.
One of them is a minimalist kitchen design and model.
Besides saving space, its simple and elegant shape can make cooking more enjoyable.

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Simple Minimalist Bathroom Design

A comfortable home certainly makes its residents feel at home in it.

Comfort can be obtained, one of which is having a good layout or interior design, both in terms of furniture arrangement, room models, interior color selection, and others.
The interior that also needs attention is the bathroom.
Having an attractive bathroom model certainly makes us feel comfortable when doing self-cleaning activities and others.

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Best Design For Bathrooms Ideas and Inspirations

We as a whole invest a great deal of energy in our washrooms, so it’s just right that we should make them into a basically perfect spot to be. Interesting baths, smooth vanity units and current latrine structures come in all shapes and sizes, to suit spaces and spending plans both enormous and little. Beside the basic offices, washrooms can be decorated with chic distributors and capacity. Lighting is a fundamental bit of the riddle when planning a restroom retreat as well, as light can totally change the mind-set of a space. To help rouse your next redesign, we’ve assembled an accumulation of 51 present day restroom thoughts that component shocking sanitaryware, furniture, fixtures, washroom embellishments and environmental lighting plans

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Design Minimalis For Living Rooms Ideas

Moderation. I’m not catching it’s meaning to you? Does it say white dividers, wooden floors and wide-open French windows? Does it look like square couches, solid engineering, quieted hues and designing? Moderation doesn’t need to mean picking straightforward, exhausting or cheap furnishings and extras. Essentially signifying ‘toning it down would be ideal’, moderation can help center your room around your ideal state of mind or subject. Paint it beautiful, with a line of pink love seats set upon a white floor. Make it emotional, with a striking beige and white line dividing your room in two. Discover substance in straightforwardness, with our main 40 ravishing searches for moderate front rooms and insides.

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